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I Feel Your Presence

Lora loves to express her feelings about those that had a special place in her life and share these loving memories with others.


The following poem reflects the everlasting bond that I will always have with my mother. Even though, she is no longer here in a physical sense, I feel her presence always near me and cherish the memories of the times that we had together. Spend time with those that you love because you never know when it will be your last day with them.


I Feel Your Presence

In the stillness of an evening snowfall,

I think about when we would have our walks together

and talk about all my plans for the future...

I feel your presence.

In a cleansing rain,

as you would dry me off

with a towel when I was a child

and I would giggle with joy...

I feel your presence.

In a beautiful melody beckoning a heart to sing,

I remember practicing the piano

and you would sing along as I played-

sometimes, you had a faraway look in your eyes...

I feel your presence.

In a lovely garden,

where you taught me the miralce of watching life grow,

the feeling of the earth in my hands

which became clay for your living art,

and in the warmth of the sun’s rays on my back...

I feel your presence.

In a memory of a vision of loveliness

when I first saw you all dressed up-

dancing with me on a starry night...

now, when I'm dressed up,

going out for the evening,

kissing my own little girl goodnight

and she tells me how lovely I look...

I feel your presence.

When you stood up to defend your child

against what you

thought was an injustice,

and now, when I do the same

for mine...

I feel your presence.

In a desperation of a moment

when everything feels as if it

is futile...

and I hear you encouraging me to go on...

In the beauty of a sunset,

when you would stand next to me...

saying, "how wonderful is this moment

and my sharing it with you,”

I feel your presence.

When I hold my little girl close,

telling her how much she means to me...

I feel your presence.

In a reflection in a pond,

where we would often wade and

listen to the frogs... I look down in the water

and still see your lovely face...

I feel your presence.

-Lora Hollings


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