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I Feel Like Something Else

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Something So Hard To Describe

I don't get it

Here it is our two days off

I come home from work

My body begins to ache

It has been sore before

Sometimes if we are busy and I worked hard

We weren't too busy

So I tried to find an explanation

I don't feel sick

Going straight to bed after a nice hot shower

I already had my Maderna shot a while ago

It had little effect

I was tired for a day

This isn't Covid

My voice became horse

Maybe I got a touch of a cold

My head began to ache over my eyes

I don't get headaches ever

The next day I slept in

All my plans were canceled

I got up to eat because I know I had too

I still could taste things

Even though I had little desire for food

Not because I wanted too

I had no temperature

I went to go on the computer

The glare of the screen was too much

So I picked up a book and read some

Still trying to find a solution

Now I took Motrin for body aches

Off to bed again early

I could feel every part of my body that ached

Right down to my baby toe

Now my stomach muscles and my elbows

The back of my neck and it began to seep in my joints

I began to become edgy

The littlest thing seemed to bother me

That was not like me

My stomach seemed to be tight

Tied up in knots

The second day feeling better

The weather turned hot and humid

Our cat was being fresh

I wasn't in the mood

My wife thinks I could have had a sinus infection or a migraine headache

All I know is I don't like that feeling

Gassy and my stomach rumbling for no reason

I am trying to stay positive

Our cat Charlotte once again testing my patience

I decided to go on the laptop

The screen is less bothersome

These are some of the times

I am so happy to be married

I know each day is uncertain

Most days are a mix of eighty percent good

I will even bring that number even higher

To ninety- two percent

There are days I will have trouble

Usually not with my health

It is most of the time

Outside conditions that I have little control

On the mend

I use to say I don't get sick

Now I say it is very rare

When I feel under the weather

I think of all that people that have constant health problems

My prayers go out to you