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I Dreamed Of You

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Oh how I dream of you
a day of chance to say I love you
To hold your hand under the sun
to kiss your lips soft as a bun.
The night is high and i'm so high...
for the only thing I think of
is you up in the sky..
for the love of God
let me love you while I still breathe
for my heart is no longer seethe.

I have learned the way of waiting patiently..
for your smile from a far shines vibrantly.
I have hope
Your like a dope
sorry I'm not the pope
I'll see you in peace
I need a scope.

Now the time has come..
You and me thou shalt be done
start a new life
where there is no strife
and no one will bite
only love will strike.

A fruit had been born
a symbol of my love
the more she grows like angel from above
I can see you in her, in everything she does.
A symbol of great love after violent war and gust.

Oh Lord I pray to you
that you keep them safe for me
for I strive to honor thy covenant to you
like the old days as a friend as your servant too.

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