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I Don't Want To Talk You Into It

I don’t need to be heard by you, only felt
I want you to walk away, knowing, not convinced
Can you give me that much, in the ways of my heart
What is real is not what I say, only what is true

Can I make a difference in your life?
Not just remembrance, but instead impact
I will not accept casual conversation, not anymore
Beyond mere acquaintance, we are transcendence

But what did you say to me when we met?
Were you looking for a friend, an agreement of sorts
Not a contract, but instead a meeting of the minds
Not to curse the end, but to share what we see

Has each moment passed as you thought it should?
Not so much the time, but the value of your life spent
As green meadows eroded into a wash of memories
Did strength become a bridge, a thank you, green grass?