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I Don't Want To Move

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It's Very Cold Outside

No desire to get even close to the door

Finishing off leftovers for lunch

Making a few phone calls to friends

Doing a few back exercises to keep me from having any issues

Glad to be back to work

Looking at all the white pockets of snow

Wondering how much we might still get ?

Because, the winter isn't over yet

Going through old e-mails

Trying decide what to keep and what to get rid of

When in doubt

Take another drink

I drink bottled water all day

I pretend it is something stronger

Maybe a straight shot of vodka

Something to make it easier

Washing up a few dishes

Getting the trash ready to go out

These might be little things

After they are completed

I feel like I have done something

Off to work soon

Listening to other people talk

I like the simple life

Where there is no drama or problems

Just a peaceful day that glides on through

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