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I Don't Have The Right

I don’t want to stand in a two day line for the light
How sad that after sixty years I must still wait
I have the freedom but do I have the right?
I could tell you what it is but did it alter my fate?

Washing up on the shore, are their any other doors
For a man who can’t say his pain is greater than yours

I’ve never lost my way of life, never felt it either
It seemed I only drifted, it was all too easy to do
But I wasn’t a heart bleeder or a traveling healer
Only faith that time would tell me what was true

I finally met you, but it wasn’t where or there
It was only in the words you hung in the mean air

Another white man talking about the deep south
Nobody wants to hear that come out of my mouth
Instead I want to pass along to you what I learned
About a woman who gives knowing what will return

She told the old man his kindness was not in vain
And that what was lost would one day return again

You only know the things you see and hear
Is it the world’s obligation to tell you the truth
Will I ever know or should I just say it’s near
A love that I know and hope in a voting booth

I can’t see through anything or anybody anymore
Will his blood sweep our darkness off our sad shore?

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