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I Don't Get Loaded

I don’t get loaded
At least not like I used to
Just a glass or two
It doesn’t take over my being
What my imagination says just might

I can lend myself to you
If you only want me like that
You don’t have to pay me back
Whatever you leave of me
Will almost be there but not quite

If it’s a secular world
Let me live my own religion
I know we'll both be forgiven
We can at least agree on that
Maybe then we can live in God's sight

Pray for the day while we sleep
We’ll do it again like they make us
My ambitions are starting to rust
There’s so much I don’t know
That’s why I’m glad when you’re right

I’m good with it
I grew up one day
I could feel the things you say
It’s not so hard with a friend
That’s when you know it'll be alright

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