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I Don't Even Care To Know

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BeckyTP formally known as Rebecca Moraa is a student at Moi University Main Campus Kenya. My passion in poetry grew in primary school.

Walked off; blew air and got nothing...
I hate, the follow ups; investigative?
Well, I don't even care to know, it won't work...
Evidently it's a waste of time; it has to stop
Perfect purpose for light bearing seasons;
Oops! What about the dark seasons though?

Try taking a meditative walk; I always have a shadow,
But why, should it always be like this?
Am I a terrorist? Well I guess not...
Then why automated humane shadow?
It scares me off, instead of quiet peace...
I find myself worrying a lot more:
Music, however loud doesn't seem to work.

Resolution just became the root cause of them all,
My never unending troubles; walk off and fall
All over my head once again, and I have to sit down,
Begin at point zero? No, not appealing at all...
But a solution must be sought...

© 2018 BeckyTP