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I Don't Always Write What's Right

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Ideas Rise Out Of No Where And Disappear Just As Fast

I follow their lead

As far as I can go

I have an image in my head

I try to put words together that follow that pattern

The thought might of just crossed my mind

Then again it can be something that I have been thinking about for awhile

Either way, I have to let it out

Sometimes it is like pulling teeth

Then again it can be a little clue at a time

That has surfaced like a message in a bottle

I am happy to be thinking so many incredible thoughts

I know my next line is only sixty-three characters away

As each idea talks to me like we were having a one on one conversation

The only problem is...

There is nobody else in the room

So I walk through my beat like an old policeman on foot

Step by step

Always checking out my surroundings

Trying to stay in tune with any feelings that may surface

Like a large ball that gets tossed in the water

It makes a big splash in the beginning

Then quickly everything seems to quiet down

I can dismiss any idea at an instant

Then I can follow a whim

It is a hit or miss

I don't know unless I try

I just thought I would share my inner workings

Then you have the scoop before I reach for the ice cream

The cat is out of the bag

I am often amazed by what happens in a very short time

A story starts to materialize

I still don't have the ending

I barely have the beginning

The middle is starting to grow in size

It is like sitting down to an open buffet

We all know where to start

We don't know where we are going to finish

On more bite

Now we are full to the gills

We ever so slowly lift ourselves from the table

We have had enough

Then everything comes to a complete halt

Not before adding in a few last words

Now I can go off to bed

With a clear mind and a clear conscious

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