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I Do Not Fear - Response to Word Challenge

Umesh is a freelance writer contributing his creative writings on varied subjects in various sites and portals in the internet.


These poems (including the acrostic poem) are inspired by the word challenge (Weak - 32 challenge) posed by our fellow hubber Brenda Arledge to motivate us to produce something creative related to the word 'fear'.
Fear is a very common word but some people will have a feeling of insecurity and shivering if they hear this word or come across this feeling seriously and especially in isolated situations in dark areas. Fear is something that is inculcated in us right from our childhood and put in us during our growing up period. It is said that fear is a natural response to certain external conditions which are invoked by nature or some devilish elements which are said to be hovering in the space around us and seeing an opportune time they strike their pangs on us. It is also observed that some people are bold enough while some are very shaky and fear even the small things where there is nothing to fear. So, it is a thing that varies from individual to individual.

Some people view horror movies or horror shows and even read horror books and that also sometimes is a reason for conjecturing abnormal things in their lives when they are in a secluded and isolated place. Some scholars believe that fear is inside us and it is not in the surroundings. We only imagine its presence in the external world and our surroundings when actually it is sitting deep inside us only. Psychologists also agree with this viewpoint. Still, many of us have fears in our minds and in our lives continuously which are always hanging on our heads like a Damocles Sword.

Fear is not limited to nocturnal surroundings. It can be there in various forms and can manifest itself in myriads of ways. Some people fear their superiors, some fear the animals, some have fear of water bodies, while some fear of torrential rains, even there are people who fear their fellow humans which is, of course, a strange form of fearing but if it is there, it is there.

It is said that there are some rare people who do not fear and are quite bold and do not believe in any supernatural powers. For them, the fear is only from natural disasters or man-made disasters. They are not afraid of anything probably because they are strong from their insides and have terrific confidence and willpower to face any adverse situation.

I do not fear

When I was a child,

I was told not to go out alone in the dark,

They took every sound as unusual though I knew it was a dog's bark.

When I grew up my teachers told me not to go in bad company,

I did not know what is a good or bad company,

As I couldn't afford that as I did not have any money.

When I grew up further and entered the adolescent age,

There was nothing to fear but the world was a difficult relationship maze,

I wanted to make a career but in front of me, there was an only haze.

So far there was nothing to fear and nothing to be afraid of,

As I had nothing in my hand to lose,

I was searching for a job with full intensity but getting amused.

Finally, I got a job and settled in a career,

My colleagues told me that boss was a fearful person,

But contrary to the opinions I found him less offensive but merrier.

My parents were very happy that I had a job and bad days were gone,

They were insisting I marry and settle in family life,

And get rid of the fear of living alone.

But I was living fearlessly my own way,

Like a big bird wandering in the blue sky with its large feathers,

People asked me haven't I been swept by the fears away.

I do not know what is this thing fear about which they are talking,

I am still living in my own way,

And often go out in the dark nights for my usual walking.

I am still to face this entity which everyone calls fear,

If it comes in my way then I will have to find a way,

To make it my near and dear.

Fear - an acrostic poem

For those who never have fear of any kind,

Everything is normal and pleasant in life.

All are Godly and heavenly things for them,

Rare are such strong people in mankind.

I will fear no more

© 2021 Umesh Chandra Bhatt

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