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I Die

I Die

I’m done with life
and all its strife!

The metal gives a vile grin
as it shoves its way into my skin
And deeper into the vein,
So deep as to not be in vain.

Out flushes my blood,
with all the world ahead to flood!

Flood the world O’ thee,
Flood what made you flee,
appalled, loathed, and lost.
Let the waves of vengeance never fade,
till they drown it in the pangs made!

I see my blood rush out,
like an ill-hurt boar,
Ain’t blood that I see sloosh out,
But sprogs of a chimeric dreamer

I see the stream thin,
I see it gain more tan,
Dense n’ dusky it gets,
Dingy as the sham smiles,
I had chased life with, for miles,

Bubbles I see,
Dance atop the spree,
Which in Gory, shines like a ruby.
O’ my odd shards of glee,
In these I see thee,
Tossing the last bye
Before I die.

I stare at my blood
forge a messy flood,
on the floor, the next door
and the backyard.
Let the world drown,
which’s given me but a frown!

The stream seems to have lost its wrath,
Hairy strands of inky fluid are all it hath,
now and I suppose them to be my lust and greed
crestfallen for reasons unknown, even after being freed,
I always knew they would be the last to leave,
From how they were not letting me live!

Vision blurred,
Vessels drained,
I faint,
I die.

I’m done with life
and all its strife!

© 2020 Neeraj Padmakumar