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I Didn't Identify As Such

Francois Groenewald is an author from South Africa. He writes poetry in his spare time.

I Didn't Identify>

In my arms lay a woman

where did she come from

she came from me

it is said in hell

I said to her she should not behold such a deposit in me

I say to you don't defeat the purpose for real

just abide by the rules

and if you don't abide by it why do you stream negativity into it

I want to be streamed, she said

so what are we waiting for?

a rush?

an attention span?

or a target?

from targets came my mealtickets

from targets came my surprises

from targets came me

there isn't such a thing a devotion anymore unless you identify as something

so why identify?

identify so that you could be honoured as such

and be honoured as such

be identified, they said

be realised

be translucent

be trans

and all of my games and all of my calamities

sits within me

it sits within me like a boat on a river

and my arms doesn't reach her anymore

because I didn't identify

does it mean if I don't identify I am not here

or does it mean something different

It's crazy you know>>

No one knows this but I am a master at this art

I am a master at this poetry thing that you see before you

and if you have read this far I hope you stay 'till the end

My arms reach her gently and say nothing

My arms devour her and say everything

So what is it that you want me to know?

I want to know what it is that is between your legs.""

What is it that floats there is it me or is it her

No they say that is not identification

identification comes from the inside

but still it matters as it doesn't

my arms will still reach

and my legs will still walk

and my feet will still be left behind for those who want to follow me to heaven

Now I tell you this:

Nothing seems to care anymore

nothing seems bleak

nothing seems intrinsic ]

Nothing seems to fit inside of me

I love it but I don't

So what if a man can not love

does that unidentify him?

No it does not

it makes him a lover still

because of what is between his legs

that is all

thank you

and pass by the mistakes

thank you

© 2022 Francois Groenewald

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