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I Did Not Assemble This Clock To Shatter

all this beauty and you had nothing to do with it

all this beauty and you had nothing to do with it

The Clock Doesn't Tick To The Beat Of A Drum

What makes you think that someone can't be brilliant on their own?

What makes you think someone can't rise from the ashes on their own?

What makes you think that having someone to help you through life is so important?

What makes you think I want everything that you never got?

What makes you think everyone needs someone else?

Why do my own capabilities get diminished by the capabilities of someone else, as if my own victories are nothing when faced with someone else's?

Since when did we compare peoples triumphs as being greater or lesser?

Since when did my failures become your victories?

Since when did my victories become your nightmares?

Since when did my mind become filled with every chance I could've had but didn't because I would never compare to another?

What makes a person any more or any less capable than the person sitting next to them?

When did adjectives decide a persons future?

How are you going to stand there and ask someone how they are ever going to accomplish something when they've already proven you wrong so many times?

Who are you to decide someone's talents, capabilities, persona, and goals?

Everyone has the capability to be brighter, bolder, and bigger than the sun.

But only on their own.