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I Decay in Love

Francois Groenewald is an author from South Africa. He writes poetry in his spare time.

I Decay In Love

I decay in love

just like a balm would

I release dignity in these moments

I realise that I have to

As a man there is nothing better or greater than a women's eyes

on your heartaches

Whatever the reason may be

There is always a chance of survival

Better to walk straight at the behest of your followers I say

So what dances there in the night?

What makes it so potent?


Or a wide berth given to a small animal?

What can we do in this?

Can we pray or shall we just dance away the fear tonight?

I think we can do both my love

and almost just as I digress comes a small hand

reminding me of death

© 2022 Francois Groenewald

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