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I Cry Diamonds

I am a creative who loves to create endless and timely literature and share it with the world. I live, love & yearn creativity.

Black Girl Tears

Black Girl Tears

I Cry Diamonds By Renee Daniella Smith

I cry

I cry diamonds

I cry diamonds at the meeting of my feet

and not at the meeting of my thighs.

Since you are not there to swoop in between my legs

and help me feel good again.

I cry

I cry,

cry a thousand endless

sands of time.

I rewind to the days where we

were at perfect harmony

and not a B flat.

I cry,

cry a starry night

where I can see

us stargazing

and making our wishes

be known towards the stars.

I cry,

cry a little cry,

cry a heart felt cry

for the day of


between us,

for us.

"UGH Pop Art Crying Girl"

"UGH Pop Art Crying Girl"

© 2019 Renee Daniella Smith

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