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I Can't Wait For Daylight

I'm Gonna Beat The Rain

It's a game I play

Me against the weather

When it rains the grass grows a real lot

Then it has to be cut

If it is really sunny

The grass grows even more

If I get busy

There is no time

Then when I do go outside

The grass is too high

It is almost impossible to cut

Ticks hide in tall grass

The bugs eat me alive

My work is so much harder

So I try to cut my grass once a week during the summer

Sometimes if it rains all the time

I have to wait a few weeks

When it is all cut

It looks so good

I love the smell of fresh-cut grass

Our yard looks so nice

When all the plants are coming up

I try to change it up a bit every year

Adding a new plant

A new lawn ornament to make our yard look extra special

Good luck to all you gardeners and people who like to play in the dirt

May your plants grow big and strong and your grass always be green