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I Can't Ignore

I can’t ignore bitterness
The peoples voices tell of our experience
Would we all feel the same way
If the long ago happened today?

I can’t ignore sacrifice
The soldiers who gave their only life
The one’s who saw them die
Are now only able to cry

I can’t ignore melting pots
The idea of a people whose past time forgot
But how can we say we are free
It someone tells us how to be

I can’t ignore flags waving
Or a song about desperate men surviving
Liberty is an elusive beauty
But not so death or slavery

I can’t ignore history
But can we ever live in a divided country?
Though the past might never say
Together we can be great today

I can’t ignore people
Those who crawl into the eye of a needle
But what can a rich man do
If God won’t pass him through?

I can’t ignore glory
Nor can I ignore the unknown story
I will honor your grief
My tears gather in belief

I can’t ignore color
Is it our final destiny for us to discover
Not land from a distant shore
But peace instead of war

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