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I Can't Complain

I don't have to arm myself against injustice
Because I have felt none
Nobody seemed to care how it is that I am
I'm not important enough to be the one
I've conformed to their satisfaction
They're not worried what I might become
I won't tell you how it is you should feel
There is so much that is wrong
Everybody knows it but who am I to say
Do we need another song
Do we need another other poem
What words could survive or be that strong?
But let's talk about war, race and peace
What can I tell you
The horrors of the past never died
Only those who know what's true
We can talk about it all
But our deathbed is not what they knew
Whatever a man may say he must feel the fire
Let he who rose speak first
The country we come from has already spoken
Can a man ever quench his thirst
When the power will never fill his cup
But God's glory is upon he who man has cursed

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