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I Can't Believe You Have Been Gone So Long

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Eight Years Already

Aunt Josie, I miss your smile

I remember the fun times

Dropping in before work

Talking about your day

I mentioned all the crazy things that happen in my work

My wife and I would love to drop in and visit

It was nice to see Junior

He is doing the best he can

Twenty-six years for your sister Camilla tomorrow

We hope you are having the time of your life

With all your brothers and sisters in heaven

We use to talk about what was new on the news

No matter how crazy it would be

Then spend the rest of the time talking about the weather

If it was going to rain or snow

We would laugh

Because the weathermen don't even know

We were treated to lunch and sometimes dessert

You made the best tuna fish sandwiches

The best of all

I got a chance to share

The beauty of another day

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