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I Can't Believe My Own Eyes

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I Finally Finished My Kitchen Project

To other people it might of been easy

For me it was so darn hard

My wife wanted to clean up the kitchen

Get rid of unwanted things we didn't need

Keep the counters clear and the cabinets organized

Well we are on our way

Not there 100%

Enough progress has been made

That you can see the real difference

I had one corner

It started off with my winter clothes

If I needed to shovel

Pairs of old gloves and two pairs of my boots

Then it slowly got out of hand

It was a little of the next project

I began bringing up garden stuff

Before the winter was even gone

Yard gloves and a home made insect repellent

That led to a bug killer and another idea that partied in my head

Before you know it

The kitchen was exploding

At least that is what my wife would say

I bought a wooden bench to put bottle water in

Like a water boy when we needed a bottle

There it was

Then on top of it

I had three other projects I started

Of course it didn't stop there

We came home one day

Our cat Charlotte would hide in this box

Then poke her head out

It was so cute

I insisted we keep that box for her

Even though I built her a little cat condo in the other room

Made from a bigger box she used more

One creation leads to another

It is easy to say finish one project before you start another

I found life doesn't work that way

It doesn't come in any order

We have to begin and stop many times

So as the kitchen now became a new home

For birdseed and the next birdfeeder half done

I began to wonder

Is this the way I want to go?

So as I worked and finished one project

I slowly moved to a good place

Now with winter officially over

Goodbye winter ice scrapers and deicer

Hello Spring

I hung out the birdfeeder after my wife and I fixed it together

I brought the birdseed outside

Out went the yard clothes in a plastic tub on the deck

Bye-bye box you were great fun while it lasted

Back to an open kitchen

My wife who is happy not to have to move something

To get something else

It has always been her kitchen

She can walk freely again

Now we hear an echo

Where all beautiful sounds can travel