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I Cannot Change the Past

I cannot change the past, so then, what can I do?

I can learn from these experiences, only I know what is true,

My memories of the past can support this effort,

Yet, I realize that I cannot change the past, and that is just a reality,

My present depends on how I process change,

In order that I may be able to measure progress

Repentance is my compass, it is how I gauge correction, and

How I must embrace, how to change,

I can change my mind, and I can change how I look at the past,

In order to fulfill my today, however, I cannot change the past,

Even if I could, the only thing I would try to change is me,

How I would have lived and how I would have loved,

The past has molded me into who I am, and It has given me

A respect for my being, and living,

Not focusing on who or what I was, or where I've been, nor what I've done,

I am me, myself and I am I, there is no escaping this truth,

The I must only be owned by me, The mistakes, sins, errors, faults and blame,

I have to feel the regrets, sorrows, grief and even the shame,

You can’t feel it for me, nor I for you,

Moreover, I cannot change my past or make my failures successes

The depth the past has hidden, the present now reveals,

The changes I need to be experiential, and applicable today,

Tomorrow isn’t even promised, but, I can make changes,

Within my mind and heart, towards the tomorrow, I cannot live today,

I can correct my mind to understand the maturity, I now hold, which

Could have made yesterday, better In each and every way,

The harsh realities of the unchangeable, plus the reality,

That I can change the memory of the past, through and by the choice to repent,

I was not granted the ability before living, and barely during my lifespan,

The aftermath of time spent here on earth, calls me from heights that whisper,

Yet, is as loud as a trumpet, to be ready to finalize my stay here,

With the blanket which covers all sin, to amend, and atone,

“I repent Creator” it is the least yet, it is the most I can ever do and say,

To remit the errors of the past, which I cannot change.

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