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I Cannot Afford a Maid

My name is Jamie Lee Hamann and I started sharing poetry articles back in 2013. Every year I share a poem a day in April.


"No greater instructor

then a society

of crafty women."

He said as he

dusted off a book

taken from a shelf,

the first book at hand.

"On my Honor,

On my Honor

Dear Fellow

where is your maid?"

"Well the first one.."

I replied.

"The first maid

I hired worked

for one weekend

then darted quickly

away and hide

behind tubs of suds.

I missed her

she carried her charm

on her lips and shoulders."

The second maid

I hired...

She looked at me


'How is it I have not seen

the lofty sky....'

she wandered

out of my house

I never saw her again."

All I ever wanted

was a clean home

nothing but that

nothing but the peace

and stillness

of cleanliness.

"I hired a team of maids.

One day I returned

home from work

they were having

a dual of their brooms.

Although the sport

of it was extreme

they made more of a mess

then they cleaned."

I need help with the cleaning

I just want time to sit and eat


I need help cleaning

I wish to date again

but my last date was angry

her anger had shortened

and pointed her fingers

where flesh tone

had turned slightly grey

from knucklebone

to fingertip.

I need help cleaning.

I wish to spend time

writing critical analysis,

I hear the criticism

in my head,

I have

for years

listening to the long

draw of intellectual


I need a maid

who cares

who loves caring.

Here is where

the difficulty lies.

I guess

my life

will continue

to rush me about.

Most of my adult

life is rushing



this nag

does not

need a


© 2019 Jamie Lee Hamann

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