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I Can Only Stare

I can only stare at something
having to do with the rest of my life;
If that is a rising sun then so it is
A fleeting glance, only money
The flame in my eyes, my love

Rapid eye movement as I sleep
Like barefoot on an ice pond
Surviving just to cross the dawn
Ahead of the sun so I can love;
Only you, let me stare at my life

Every path littered with boredom
Take them all, it's not important
Not how wild you are; now it's were
Were because it's not wild anymore
That culture is finished; I grew up

Only inner beauty, gardens reflecting
in my memory; without roads or litter
The way you rain, upon soil, then flowers
You become them; it's not complicated
You are not a code, I won't stare at that

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