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I Broke Free - a Poem About Depression

Clive Williams is an internet researcher and writer on many genres. He has a BSc. Degree in Information Systems.


Yes, at one point I was living in a shell

Swallowed up by the storm of anxiety and depression, tormented like a wretched soul from hell

My mind was clouded with bombarded insignificant thoughts

I felt like the world was a box and I a jigsaw puzzle broken apart

I was scared to go outside, all I wanted was a dark room and a bed

I was a living person, but inside was dead

The house became a haven for rats and roaches because I lost will

As negative thoughts pounded my brain like a wall being drilled

What is this feeling? How will I escape this quicksand pulling me in

I woke up, tried to get out of bed but my tears brought me back in

I peeked through the dirty glass window to see what was happening outside

Depression bedded me for two weeks, and to the world I was blind

I cried, I ate, I yelled, I screamed but nothing seemed to work

All I had was a weakened state of mind and compelling feelings which hurt

But I knew that I couldn’t let this take me in forever

I couldn’t throw away my life like a broken umbrella

I had to fester up the will to break the spell

I had to find some good thing to remind me of goodness and break open this shell

With my blanket over my shoulder I stretch across a stained tea cup

Reached for the blinds and opened them up

Then what I saw was something which reminded me of faith

As the sun shone through that window and lit up my face

Yes, there is still life in me, there is still the will not to just exist but to live

As the light shone on my face I began to reflect on all that was done, and all which I did.

I locked myself away in deep worrying thoughts, which only weakened me

When what I should have been doing was surrounding myself with positives to empower me

Things will happen in life which will bring us to our lowest self

But we have to get up and fight, you have to empower you when there is no one else

I beat depression, I vanquished the thoughts, the self-doubts and the pity

Now I am free with a clear mind, positive attitude, alive and happy.

© 2018 Clive Williams

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