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I Believe in Miracles

The scene doesn't have to be a drag
It will take you down like only a war can
It's all in your head, knowing how to feel
There's a joy living in the world as it can be
Sadness is no match for wanting to be free

They put flowers into the barrel of a gun
What courage knowing the soil was a bullet
They were willing to die for peace for the living
They would give their life to love a stranger
Hatred is no way to live if love is your savior

They couldn't stop smiling at the thought
It was so deep they stopped breathing the air
Instead they inhaled from the love of the womb
Where the new born is not poisoned by life
Love is the nectar for those tired of strife

How naive the life of a flower child smiling
Sixty years on and what happened to the garden?
Was it buried by a mountain chopped down by a hand?
Where is the island made from the pieces that fell?
It's in the soul a prayers story finally did tell

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