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I Am the Flower on the Side of the Road

I am an Indonesian poet. Familiar is called Isykariman, known through his poems that use the figure of speech and romantic words.

I am the flower on the edge of the road

What you always adore in your dreams

To foster a speck of hope to meet

Through the breeze that spoiled nan

When the twilight sulks to lull

In everlasting loneliness

I am the one you miss at the end of the night

When the wind greets your skin

And make you shiver with cold

Before the encounter happened

Capture the sad story

Who dwells in your soul

At the edge of a quiet street, I had indeed stood

Bend spoiled at the greeting wind

Sometimes take refuge in the Motherland

Ducking hits the ground

Which emits the aroma of loyalty

Watch nature dance

On the street also a gust of wind made me aware

It moves me slowly

Declaring a life still exists to me

Although the Sun moved toward the twilight

The sound of the wind continued to howl in my hearing

Raising a deep soul

I watched the trees fall

When the Bayu with the appearance of a storm coming as fast as lightning

Crashing and ravaging everything

Makes me thankful for the weeds

Although worn and full of dust

At least stay until you find me

Meeting at the End of Dusk

The long-awaited night has finally come

Meetings were no longer inevitable

Lighted candles greeted him with solemnity

With the fragrance of the sweet flower of the night

Who finishes the twilight color

Heading to the Lord of the Night

I am the flower on the edge of the road

On the beautiful table, you put me slowly

You clean the dust attached

On the leaves and also my flower petals

Until the sparkling light suddenly glowed perfectly

That night I could only surrender in silence

Look in amazement at your fingers

Who can emit beautiful light from within me

Like a new star is born

Until I do not believe in my own eyes

The next second I gave myself a look at your shady face

Who sincerely picked me up

From the lonely road that was quiet at that time

When I was in submission waiting for death

Laying perfectly in lying Motherland

I still vividly remember the meeting at the end of the evening

There are no strings attached in the corner of your eye

The observant see flowers covered with street dust

Pick and re-radiate the light

Reveal the beauty that was born from your fingers

End of the Dusk Wait

Twilight spoiled when part of my soul floated

At that time you embraced my soul under the dim candlelight

Until the fog slowly enveloped the encounter

Unite a divided soul

End the long wait of the dusk

I am the flower on the edge of the road

Although the night wind no longer recognizes me

Glow from the corner of your room

Has shown the way to the wind

Until my friendship with him didn't just end

We were indeed together when the wind greeted us at the end of the evening

And united when the hurricane comes

We have also enjoyed the surge of life

In a holy peace

When the wind blows fiercely

Now I can no longer be seen at the curb

Silence no longer torments me

The wind was reluctant to bother me

With you the warmth is present

Completing the long wait of the dusk

With you now I am

The wind has indeed brought me to you

Ending a long wait

With the twilight that faithfully accompanies

Watch your fingers

Pick me slowly

Beautiful Night

The cloud blocked the moon that night

The fog also helped perfect the dim light

I still remember you touched my leaf gently

Even though the flower has a good night's aroma

You always don't move from me

The candlelight suddenly faded

A breeze turned out to be tempting

Enter slowly through the window gap

complete darkness seized until the whole room

Although the dim light leaves little hope

I see you're still staring at me softly

With a charming smile

I say it's a beautiful night

Because the fog also sang a soft song

Warms the heart that has frozen

Revive my soul that almost died

Night Whispers

I heard your heart flutter faintly

His voice is unmistakable between your breaths

Perfecting my light

Which was once extinguished by the night wind

Those dreams have been waiting for a long time

Urgent night brings me to you

But always stay in your dreams

And the wait was quiet again

Endless real in the morning

Gray nights keep coming to hold you

Fog increasingly blankets the coldness of your heart

Perfects the cold in your soul

Until my presence seemed meaningless

Creating a lot of questions over the phrase miss

What you stated that night

I don't believe in your waiting

Even though your eyes always convince me

And the honesty of your heart shines clearly in your shady eyes

Your longing is genuine

Until the night also whispered the truth to me

I became unsure of my light

Because he has long been extinguished from me

It was the touch of your fingers that made me glow

Giving birth to the beauty of flowers by the roadside

Until I realized that light wasn't from inside me

You're the source of the light

I refract it

I am a mirror to you

When dust no longer clings to my leaves and flower petals

The light is perfectly refracted

As if out of me

The Path of Light

The road was completely deserted

Even a cup of black coffee has gone

Accompanying you sitting enjoying the night is my happiness now

Until morning pick up

I lean happily on your shoulders

There is no longer any doubt in my leaf's motion now

Also no more fidgeting on my flower petals

I am the flower on the edge of the road

I have seen the path of light with you

Towards the perfection of life

The light is in the southwest

When your fingers show that light

The light was there for me at once

And I don't have to walk to it

To deny my lifeline as a plant

I am the thatch flower

The faithful stand on the holy land

In your light embrace

My life has been perfect

Become a beautiful flower

Full of gratitude beyond measure

Ever since you picked that day

I have become a flower in your heart

Melt the ice in your soul

Although not as fragrant as the savory flower of the night

Being meaningful to you is my happiness

And there is no more happiness than being with you

I am the flower on the edge of the road

That was once covered in dust and sparkling world

There are no beautiful notes about me

Before submission and sincerity accept life changes everything

Because the light knows where it will refract

© 2019 Isykariman Biridlwanillah

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