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I Am Your Dream Cleaner

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Worry No More

No job too big

All those projects you have put off

Because you were overwhelmed

No time

No energy

No problem

There is something I can do every day

Don't wait

Those winter clothes you have no place for

The clutter piling up

Organizing in a unique fashion

There you have it

Everything in its place

Where you can spend more time on the things that are important

You're day running smooth

You are able to move around free of objects in your way

All the things you wanted at your fingertips

You can feel less day to day tension

Forget about those lost bills

Filed neatly in order

As you move on with great speed

All this time you have been trying to find a way

Unsure of your next step

Powerless and your mood sinking to an all-time low

Why not now?

No need to struggle

Let go of that aggravation and the headaches

Leave cursing forever

Still uncertain?

Look around you?

Think of how nice it will be with no stress

I know you have pushed hard

Just not enough time in the day

Put all that behind you

Clear skies are here again

Make the move

The first step

It starts in your mind long before in physical reality

Think about it

Dream about it

Make it happen

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