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I Am Trying To Finish Up

I See Your Lips Moving

I can't hear you while I am watering the plants

I put the garden hose down

Then I walk into the house

What is it that you want?

I am looking for a knife that I use to cut vegetables

I don't know where it is?

I can't find it

We must have thrown it out

Now that is ridiculous

It will turn up

I don't get it

This couldn't wait?

I look around the kitchen and there it is at the bottom of the strainer

I know I had it last

Even if it was dry

I have a history of never putting things back in the right place

It's not the end of the world

It's only a knife and we have it now

I go back in the yard to continue watering

Every time I come into the house

I have to take off my yard sneakers

They are all dirty and I will track mud through the house

Then I have something else to clean

I try to get as much done in the shortest amount of time

Later today we are going to put the air conditioners in the windows

Every year we wait to the last possible moment

We love the fresh air so much

We put an air conditioner in our bedroom and in our living room

That does a great job cooling the whole house

No matter how hot it gets

As long as we can sleep at night

The ceiling fan in our bedroom works well

Now that my wife is working from home

I want to make sure she is comfortable

One project after another sometimes

My wife made terrific Italian subs for lunch

Topped off with a dish of watermelon

I am in my happy place

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