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I Am Trying To Find The Pulse On My Life

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I Live Unconsciously

My mind controls all my body functions

My heart beats constantly

Blood pumps through my veins

The rest of my body works perfectly

So well designed

When I am hungry I eat

When I am tired I sleep

When I have to use the bathroom

Off I go

How blessed are we all

Nobody ever talks about our own human bodies

We are busy with everything else

We are more concerned with the weather

What's on t.v. tonight

What the president text today

Not what is really important

We worry about our body when we get sick

When something doesn't work like it is supposed too

An unusual ache or pain

I take a one a day vitamin

Thinking that will give me the vitamins I miss

If I don't cover all my bases

With all the fruits and vegetables

Proper nutrition with iron

From meats and protein

How lazy are we?

Not to really be concerned about our own bodies?

I think it's time to learn a little more

Maybe you know more than me?

I am going to spend time reading

About my own body

How it works and all it's functions

Instead of waiting for someone to tell me at my next visit to the doctors