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I Am the Light and the Transformer

Francois Groenewald is an author from South Africa. He writes poetry in his spare time.

I Am The Light And The Transformer

What brings you here?

What dissatisfies you so?

What is it that you want of me?

I don't want anything, she said.

I don't want a teaser or regret.

I want to be disorganised.

Not like the lightest lights but a dark one.

On my deathbed will I lay you to sleep.

On my arrival will I often display affection in your direction.

At my feet will lay a dog.

A friendly one.

Because I am a light.

And he is a transformer of mine.

Therefore I transform him

into a light too.

Now bring me his head and tilt it for me

so that I can see what it means to be disguised

and remember when we let it go by in the night

remember as we let it go by and you said, you said:

Wow there is utter silence here.

And then you claimed to have a head.

And I decided to heal you instead.

Just like that is our minds too often related to the Earth itself.

A beautiful ocean but a dangerous species.

Now tell me, how will you leave them be?

If you can not even see them in the end of their own lives?

Now tell me this what part of you discovered itself?

What part of the nightmare gazes at you at night?

Does it speak?

This nightmare of yours?

Does it weep or does it rain?

I don't want to know how we can feed it but I do want to know how it stains.

And just like that the summary decides on me.

Just like that she bathes in my sunlight.

A martyr ready to write his own funeral sky.

Now what of this place, this Earth?

It is a nice place indeed but I deserve better.

I deserve a space without criminals or war.

Because I am divine just like they are.

© 2022 Francois Groenewald

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