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I Am Tempterd BY Creativity

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It Can Be A Good And A Bad Thing

When I am thinking about our imagination and the unexpected

I realize how little I really know

For instance I have a pair of socks that are really warm

They are made well

White cotton and sewn really thick

They have a grey toe and bottom

When I first bought them it was wintertime

I wanted to get rid of all my other socks

I loved them so much

I waited and said that would be foolish

Use up the other socks until they wear out

I bought only one package

Each time I put on the other pairs of socks

I would say how cheap they are made

They slide in my work shoe

They are thinner

Poorer quality

Until summer hit

Then the socks I love so much

Are too hot

It feels like my feet are on fire

I can't wait to take them off

I don't want to ever see that pair again

How can my thoughts change so drastically

In just a short time

They are the same socks

Well creativity is the same way

I think of something and I dream of all the good

That can come from it

Then slowly I see the flip side

How it changes what we know

How we think

What we believe

Like computers and the internet

They make so many things possible

At a peck of a finger

You can connect with anyone around the world

You can know anything about everyone

What an amazing tool and invention

They can be used to hack into people private information

They can create a hostile environment for bullies

The world is changed for ever

is it a good or bad thing

It all depends how you use it

You can go on line and meet people if you are lonely

You can play endless about of games or learn so much knowledge

I am fascinated and curious every day

Then again there is the dark web

Where everything bad and awful is

Please stay away from this terrible place

I guess you can't have one without the other

When I began to write about how I am tempted by creativity

Then I realize how my temper changes because of it

I mixed both words together

My emotions will flair up because of my passion

Where the knowledge I seek is at my fingertips

Then again I still can't get there from here

I am missing something

I haven't learned enough

So back to the drawing board I go

Willing and ready to learn more

I look around me and ask my peers what do they think

Some have no opinion at all

I tell them about the power and love of one thought

They rather do anything but

So I continue my secret quest

To seek out what I am craving

At anytime I could stop

Then all my time that I put in my ideas would be lost

I can carry on and add to society

At the same time their is an evil side

That what I have created with only good intentions

Will be used for bad intentions

So do I continue..

Am I some how responsible for what people do with my ideas

Do I take an attitude

If I didn't think of it someone else would

Any words of advise or wisdom is much appreciated

I sometimes can't sleep

As I toss and turn and am up late nights because of it

On the fence

To continue what I believe to be wonderful

Then only to find out in the future how hurtful if may be

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