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I Am Still Me!


My job involves caring for the elderly in 12 hour sittings. The majority of our clients suffer from the cruelty of dementia.



Who am I?

Who are you?

Jumbled moments

Help me do!!


Where did I come from?

Where do I go?

Once I just knew

When life did flow.


Each new dawn

Uncertain and grey!

Where is the sun

Which warmed each day?


Sometimes I pretend

I pretend to know

Not wanting the truth

To painfully show!


I once had a life

But now that’s gone!

What is this world

Where hope once shone?


I don’t understand

Your patience wears thin!

But It’s not my fault

I am so lost within!


I am so confused

That is a fact!

Please please help

Keep dignity intact!


Please take my hand

Please show me the way.

To not feel scared

By each new day.


Tell me you love me

And understand.

Don’t say too much

Just hold my hand.


My mind is locked

In this living hell!

There is no potion

To break the spell!


Some days quite good

Some so much worse!

There is no escape

From this life shattering curse !!!


From confusion and pain

I’ll one day be free!

Till then please remember

That I am still ME!


Eiddwen (author) from Wales on March 08, 2020:

Awww thank you so much for this lovely comment manatita. It means a lot.

manatita44 from london on March 08, 2020:

AAH! Love you, Eiddwen.

Here … roses … hugs … more flowers and some radiant smiles … a touch of the Heart's Light.

Some pretty realistic poetry, dear. Much Love.

Eiddwen (author) from Wales on March 07, 2020:

Thank you so much Linda,Peggy,Chitrangada,Dreamer Meg,Bronwen,Umesh,Flourish Anyway ,Dora and Brenda. Each and everyone of yoyur comments read and greatly appreciated. Take care all from my little corner of Wales.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on March 05, 2020:

Some days can feel like that but you have to try to find one good moment each day.

The feelings are well expressed.

Nice write.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on March 05, 2020:

This poem speaks eloquently for many who experience the confusion you describe. Very helpful!

FlourishAnyway from USA on March 04, 2020:

It’s very sad when someone i begins to retreat into illness. My grandmother has dementia.

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on March 03, 2020:

Interesting poem. I have also touched this aspect in my similar poem albeit a smaller one. The illness part was also not there. Thanks.

Bronwen Scott-Branagan from Victoria, Australia on March 03, 2020:

Eddy, so beautifully written, a heartfelt tribute to so many we know as we grow older.

DreamerMeg from Northern Ireland on March 03, 2020:

Yes, so true. My sister in law is beginning to get lost in this labyrinth. I try to be as kind and reassuring as possible. It seems to help her keep going.

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on March 03, 2020:

Such a heartfelt and touching poem.

When I look at the people, in their old age, forgetting names and other significant details, feeling helpless, looking here and there, in confusion, I feel so sad. I can feel their pain.

You did a wonderful job in expressing this through your well composed poem.

Thanks for sharing.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on March 02, 2020:

You did an incredible poem about a devastating disease...that of dementia. My aunt is now gone, but in the last years of her life sh,e did not even recognize her sons. It is such a sad way to go, for both the patient, and their families.

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on March 01, 2020:

This is another poem with a lovely rhythm. You've written about an important topic. Thank you for raising awareness about the situation, Eddy.

Eiddwen (author) from Wales on March 01, 2020:

Thank you so much as always Ruby. Here's to so many more hubs and moments for us both to share on here xxx

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on March 01, 2020:

Eddy, this touched me deeply, so beautifully rhymed, and so very true.

Eiddwen (author) from Wales on March 01, 2020:

Your sincerity shines through Shauna and each word greatly appreciated. Thank you xxxx

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on March 01, 2020:

Eddy, this is heartbreaking, but speaks of how I imagine Alzheimer's victims feel inside. It's such a sad and cruel disease.

I wasn't aware of what you do for a living. God bless your soul. You are greatly needed!

Eiddwen (author) from Wales on March 01, 2020:

It is indeed Bill, cruel for the sufferers and their families . Thank you once again for stopping by.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on March 01, 2020:

Yes indeed...an ugly illness...please dear God, take me quickly.

Eiddwen (author) from Wales on March 01, 2020:

Thank you Ann. Dementia in all it's grim reality is all too common today wherever we live in the world. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment. It's always greatly appreciated.

Eiddwen (author) from Wales on March 01, 2020:

Eric so many of us in one way or another have been affected by the grim reality of dementia and knowing how to react is so common. The banter as you say id all so important. Sufferers need to be surrounded by positive vibes. Thank you as always for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment, it's always appreciated.

Eiddwen (author) from Wales on March 01, 2020:

Thank you Raymond and yes the effects of dementia are indeed so difficult for everyone. Respect to you also and your words greatly appreciated.

Eiddwen (author) from Wales on March 01, 2020:

Thank you so much Genna for your kind words. They mean a great deal and I can't begin to tell you how nice it is to be back.

Ann Carr from SW England on March 01, 2020:

Wonderful explanation of dementia and a poignant plea for understanding, kindness and help.

Well done, Eiddwen!


Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on March 01, 2020:

Splendidly done on such a horrible reality. I do my best just shutting up and holding hands I think. Though I enjoy the banter and asking about 40 years ago stuff which most can do.


Raymond Philippe from The Netherlands on March 01, 2020:

Beautiful. This poem hit home because both my mother and mother in law suffered/suffer from dementia. Your poem paints a livid picture of what they had to go through. Respect!

Genna East from Massachusetts, USA on March 01, 2020:

Eiddwen, it is so good to see you back! :-) This powerful poem opens the doors that are closed to those suffering with this tragic illness. Bless you for working with them...your kindness, patience and understanding are the gifts they so greatly need. Hugs.

Eiddwen (author) from Wales on March 01, 2020:

Thank you Pamela for taking the time to stop by, read and leave a great comment,this is greatly appreciated.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on March 01, 2020:

Lost with dementia is so sad and difficult for those that suffer and their families suffer as well. Thanks for writing such a touching poem. I imagine your work with dementia patients can also be heart-wrenching at times. I love your poem and particularly the ending.

Eiddwen (author) from Wales on March 01, 2020:

Thank you Devika for taking the time to stop by. It is heartbreaking to watch our clients suffer but we do the best we can to keep them as comfortable as possible,physically and mentally. I'm glad you like this poem .

Eiddwen (author) from Wales on March 01, 2020:

Thank you so much Lorna . It is indeed such a cruel illness and also so difficult for the families to deal with. I am sorry that your father had to go through this and also you with him. Thsnk you again for your kind words.

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on March 01, 2020:

You are doing an incredible job working with Dementia. It must be an emotional process. Dementia can be fought with the a lot of mental games and care as you do. I like the poem that describes this illness.

Lorna Lamon on March 01, 2020:

A beautiful and touching poem about living with dementia. My father had this terrible disease and your words perfectly describe how he must have felt. I love the last verse Eiddwen and the work you do caring for those with dementia is incredible. Loved this poem.

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