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I Am Really Close To Achieving My Latest Dream

I Am Only 773 Thoughts Away

I have wanted this for a long time

It took twelve years in the making

I never lost sight of the vision

I keep on slugging away

Sometimes it is not easy

Sometimes I feel I am riding on an angels wing

It is my dream and it is not necessary for anyone else to understand

I thought it would always be nice to share

So once again I throw myself out there

Revealing a little more of my soul

So many people have told me don't do it

I have done it anyway

I am proud of all the little accomplishments along the way

There have been many dark moments

My fellow Hubbers have enjoyed or hopefully laughed with me

Every step of the way

There might of been a few times you left me

Only to come back

I thank you for that

Then there are those who stuck by my side

Through it all

There may have been times i was more like a thorn

I pricked you in the finger and you couldn't forget me

My words or actions can never give enough

Thank you from deep within

Those who have left me

I totally understand

I have done it myself on many occasions

I hope you may find your own bliss

We don't know how long our own clock will keep ticking

Daylight savings time is here again

Don't forget to set your clocks back

I don't know about you

I will take an extra hour

Anytime I can get it

© 2021 DREAM ON

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