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I Am Rape

My love for poetry is beyond eternal and I believe poetry speaks louder than words. Poetry is my life and peace of my soul.


I Am Rape

I am all powerful and I can ruin your life,

Those who have not seen me fear me as death ,

And those who saw me no more fear death.

They call me evil and worse than Demon ,

I come in disguise which varies in type and number,

I can come as Cab driver you trust ,

I can come as a Father who once nourished you ,

I can come in groups of faces so unknown to you,

But when I come I leave you helpless and turn your voice into screams and mourns.

I am all pervasive and can vanquish you all,

But today I would thank you for making me so arrogant and so strong,

It is you who make me known to all,

It is you ! all of you who made me indomitable,

It is you my dear people who made me fierce and feared,

Without your help I would not have even been born,

It is you who said , " Oh you are raped! who will marry you now?"

It is you who made me sing a song of terror and fear

And today I am unstoppable and I reach you to give you an unforgettable harm I swear!

Who said you are Powerful and Unstoppable ?

Wondering who I am ?

I am a victim at your hand but I don't fear you anymore,

We don't fear you anymore!

You are weak and make men realize how weak they are ,

Ripping our cloths and letting us bleed is no more ok for us,

We are ready to knock you down to death and hell,

We are ready to stop you from harming anyone of us,

If you think you can make us scream then be ready to hear our roar !

We no more care what you are because we know how to fight back and slap you in the face,

If you dare then look into our eyes and see the rage !

You are meek and frail ,

We Women do not have reputation in their vagina !

We are stronger and we shall give a proof ,

If you can do anything then here we stand come and show us what you can do !

Suddenly a storm can and rape cried with screams and there was no one to listen

Rape was dead and all Women were free.


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