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I Am On Stage

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Everything I Do Is Watched With A Careful Eye

Here I am for the first time

Spilling my heart out

Giving you my best act yet

To see the real me

I am not an actor

I am not a comedian

I am a poet

Who is always looking for new ways to connect with the world

I have been known to make people laugh

I am not sure if they are laughing at me or with me

It doesn't matter

My cousin calls me boring

My wife calls me for supper

Other people just call me o.k.

I am here to tell you about what wakes me up in the middle of the night

What moves me from one place to another

I have some notes

I can easily get off track

You are looking at a Dreamer

A visionary with his mind in the clouds

Way up there

I will stop at nothing to create a beautiful smile

One that you have only seen in the movies

My talents are limited

I am not a plumber, electrician, carpenter,painter

A taxi, truck driver or bus driver for sure

A boss, manager or any other wall street profession

Nothing in the medical field for me

I leave it to the experts

They do a great job at keeping and getting people well

I don't sell real estate

I have no apartments to rent

I am not an expert gambler

But in another life

I wish I was

I don't smoke

I don't drink except on occasion

I love to buy thousands of books

So many things spark my interest

I plan to read them all

They cover every book shelf

Wall to wall

From floor to ceiling

For what purpose they still serve?

Why do I still have them?

I don't have the slightest clue

If I was to read one a day

And I lived to be a 105

I would still have 444 left

I love working outdoors

I am not a landscaper or a farmer

Not a politician

I have never been in the any branch of the service

I congratulate and I am gratful for all the people that serve

I am not a fireman or a policeman

There is a job a want to do

Does anyone know of any poet openings?

Part-time that could lead to full-time

No, I really do have a real job

It is something I never really talk about

One that pays some of my bills

Without that I would be on the street corner

Selling the daily newspapers

If that job still exists

I am a practicing poet

I am not sure where my next lines come from

I have been called every name under the sun

By so called family,friends and co-workers

So here I am to entertain you for an hour

Maybe just a few minutes at most

I thought I would take my act on the road

Maybe you have seen a poet in action

I have not

I thought I would be the first


This is not Las Vegas

Not Atlantic City or Palm Srings

Not even on a cruise ship

All that motion

Makes my stomach do whirls

You can have one free drink on the house

If you liked what you seen

Maybe if you were even a little amused

I would love a shout out

A thumbs up on Instagram or Twitter

Or any social medium platform you know

Would be the best thing I can think of

Well this is my first act

So you have to cut me some slack

I was nervous but down right fear took over

I didn't see many smiles or laughs

Maybe you had a rough night last night?

You worked late and still came by to see me

I wasn't the eye opener you had hoped for

On a good note

I wasn't totally awful either

Well, my mouth is dry

I am going to drink a tall glass of water

Take a few extra strength tylenol for the headache

I didn't know I had

Thank you for coming

Until next time

Don't forget to check me out

The traveling poet

Oh wait

He doesn't exist yet

He is only a figure of my imagination

I thought I would test him out here

With the biggest group of friends I have

Feel free to let me know what you think?

It is o.k. if I bombed

It is a lot better learning here first

Then I can fine tune my material

Like a mechanic fixes a car that is running rough

I learned a lot from my father

He would say...

You don't know until you try

My father had a lot of wisdom

He would tell me the way it is

Don't quit your day job

You better find a job that pays you to eat

That's what you do best

You will never make it rich

But, you will never starve either

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