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I Am Not In Control of These Glass Marbles

Comment to me your colors...

Comment to me your colors...

Life, it is filled with marbles.
Small, tiny, fragile and slippery,
Colourful glass marbles.
It is unforgettable stretches of time coloured with the grey of monotony
Like completing an exam too soon
Or it can be content blue of gloom
Brooding over the beautiful sunset hues
It is fun nights with friends, or plain old all nighters clouded sleepy purple,
It can be giggling, and whispering, in the middle of the night baby blue,
It can also be napping in the afternoon yellow
Or painting your shed too.
We just put so much work into making it meaningful
And we collect so many marbles on our way.
One day I wish I could spread them all
And muse the brevity of our days.

© 2018 Shivani Terli

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