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I Am Not Always My Wife's Favorite

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I Don't Mean To Aggravate Her So Much

I just can't help it

She knows me better than anyone else

She sees me at my worst

She knows when I am confused and still thinking of the next craziest idea

It doesn't mean a solution is anytime soon

It means I will do a lot of different things she won't understand

It means I don't have time now to explain

I will in a little bit

She has the patience of a woman of five

I am like a kid at heart

I see a dream

Sometimes that is all I see

I have a thought

Then that's all I think about

I put the breaks on

Hold the presses

Don't move

Wouldn't it be great if?

My wife tries to stop me right there

Another time and another place

Not now

Don't you see if I stop now

The idea will slip away

The longer you put off any idea

The closer that idea comes to obscurity

Then it is lost forever

At least to me

I know someone in the world will pick up the same idea

They will carry it through

I want it to be us

You don't see the dream

It is o.k. if you scream

Bad timing?

There is never a good time

An idea comes

I will put it off as long as I can

Then when I start a project all hell breaks lose

You say you're making a mess

I say I am creating a masterpiece

It just isn't finished yet

Two weeks later...

Are you done yet ?

Not exactly

I ran into some trouble

Two months later

Is it done?

Not now I have an idea to make it better

I had to start from scratch the first way wouldn't work

Well, you can continue only if you put things away and pull them out each time you are going to use them

Other people don't always get what I am trying to do

Do you?


But, I believe that you do

That is good enough for me

Sometimes you try to help

I didn't want to do that

Now I have to begin again

I love your help but it set me back farther

Then sometimes you say

Your on your own on this one

Have fun

Just remember supper is ready at 6:00

I can't stop now

I am in the middle of something big

A breakthrough

You don't hide your temper too well

Stomping off in a fierce manner

I will come to eat but I am not happy

You have to eat

I will not starve

You are right

I will give in sometimes

Other times she leaves me be

She says the food was hot an hour ago

Sarcastically, with a great undertone

Like a rip tide that pulls you under and you never get free

I remind her

I love your food just the same

The idea that didn't work

Came first

Many firsts that end up being my lasts

Thank God for microwaves

I am like a cat on the prowl

I am on the hunt

If I stop now

I will lose the scent

Then I circle round and lift my head up and down

Hoping to pick up a trail

No luck

If only I stayed at it

I could have found what I was looking for

You notice I said could have not would have

My thoughts don't always work out

I have a history

Way back to our wedding day

There was the morning of our wedding

I thought carrot sticks were a good idea

A healthy snack idea for our guests

This is a long story

I will have to tell you more later

Let's say it never happened and could have been a good thought

Well, that is one thought of many

That bounces from one brain cell to the next

Hoping to make it to the light of day

Thank you, honey, for all that you do

Thank you, honey, for all that you don't do

Yelling at me being one on the top of my head

Sometimes I do push your buttons

That is because my buttons are all stuck

From the last time I tried something like this

Yours work better anyway

When I run out of words to express my feelings accurately

All I can say is

Thank You

From the bottom of my heart

Which is far and deep

I love you

One day you will see all this will be worth it

I hope I live long enough

For that day to happen

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