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Call It What You Want

Author loves travel, books, music, photography, poetry, all of which are the inspiration for her compositions.

I am not a quitter

But I'm only human

And I get tired, exhausted

I am not a quitter

But I can't always win

And luck does run out

I am not a quitter

But my body can get weak

And it can only hold out for long

I am not a quitter

But I do get hurt, feel pain

And can only tolerate so much

I am not a quitter

But sometimes I need to stop and rest

Give myself time to recuperate

And there are times when slowing things down

could be the end of it

No getting back up to continue the fight

Or see the journey through to its end

And if all this you deem quitting nonetheless

Then call it what you want to

So be it


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