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I Am In Peanut Heaven

Wow They Are So Good

Some people need a good old stiff drink

Other people like a good cigar

For me it's peanuts

I especially love the roasted ones in the shell

They give me a workout

There are very few peanuts I won't eat

I had raw peanuts

They were awful

Why I love peanuts so much

They are so interesting to eat

You can crack them with your teeth

Snap them in your fingers

Crush them in the palm of your hand

Those little fellas can make quite the mess

When i am craving a snack

They are better for you than cookies and cake

Not sweet as candy

They do taste good

Here is an idea

Next time you play card games

You can pretend their money and see who can win the most

Don't forget to eat a few in the process

Just in case you lose the rest

I love the crunching sound they make

I almost forgot

Make sure nobody has a peanut allergy

That wouldn't be good

We want to play it safe

I am not sure how far back I can remember eating peanuts for the first time

I do remember eating them when I was little

I also loved the peanut commercials over the years

On a rare occasion, I got to go to a baseball game

You could buy a small paper bag filled with them

I think it was the same way at the circus

I remember mostly eating them at home

Dry honey-roasted in the jar

Mixed nuts in the metal can

Walnuts in a bowl of fruit at Thanksgiving

Pistachio peanuts in a dish at Aunt Madeline's

If you leave me alone

I will eat them all

There used to be beer nuts at parties

Of course, people have added peanuts to everything over the years

It can only make things even tastier

Brownies with nuts

All kinds of nuts buried deep inside delicious fudge

Chocolate candies with nuts

Carmel popcorn what would it be without nuts

I guess you have to be a little nutty to read this

Well have a great night

Be careful if you leave your peanuts on the table on the deck

Squirrels might just walk off with them

Leaving you only a few shells and peanut dust


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