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I Am Here To Do What I Have Always Done

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Carry On

It might not meet up to anyone else's standards

It sure is above and beyond my expectations

I think of thoughts that other people don't think

Why isn't their peace in the world?

Isn't there an easier way?

Give it some time your thoughts might change?

What if?

Wouldn't it be great if we could all make one person smile?

Even better all at the same time?

Our life is our one chance of getting it right

We don't have any do-overs

Why can't we all get along?

If I could only see it your way and you can see it my way?

There has to be a simple solution

We just didn't find it yet

If I could only remember what I dreamed

Then I would never have left my bed

Give me a nice hot shower

The world I see feels so much better

These are just a few of my wild thoughts I think each day

I go to work

I come home and love my wife

Spend time with our cat Charlotte

Love to talk to my friends

Write one more poem

That describes not only the way I feel

The way life is

At least through my set of eyes

There are many things I will never understand

There are many things I wish could be different

Life is the way life turned out

It is not good or bad

Just a series of events

That we live through

That brings us to a different spot

So that we can appreciate what we have

What we don't have

Somewhere out there is

What everyone wants

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