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I Am Feeling Good About Today


Another Fresh Start

When something doesn't go as planned

You have to understand why?

There could be many reasons

Then they might not even be the right ones

You might be all wrong

Then you could have judged yourself harshly

Putting a damper on things to come

That is not fair to you and other people that you love

You knew long ago that your life was not by chance

It was a beautiful opportunity to do something awesome

Like everyone else in the world

You have to remind yourself whenever you feel it is neccesary

So you can keep striving for more

Pushing yourself to the limit

Even if it means making lots of mistakes along the way

Remember the old saying

Nothing ventured nothing gained

The sun is up

My body had a good nights sleep

I am eating something healthy to give me good energy and positive vibes

So I can not only do good on the inside and out

Sometimes both simultaneously

Putting all my little bag of tricks together

To smooth out any wrinkles in the paper

Rise above my lowest point

Digging in

Starting to show progress

First in my good thoughts

Then in each action

New ideas are flowing

Like the Nile

Huge and 4,132 miles long

Taking the small steps and watching them grow

Taking the big steps and still going toe to toe

Always willing to listen

Learning the hard way

Biting my tongue when I want to shatter my dreams and scream

Just because I had a bad day

I said it before and I will say it again

It didn't last long

So why do I perpetuate this bad image

Over and over in my head

To increase anxiety and cause endless amounts of frustration

My only answer is because I can

No one in their right mind

Would do anything of the kind

So if your plans didn't work out

Now you feel a little down and out

Even a little bit dizzy

I know the feeling

Only to well

Join the club

The Overachievers People Pleasers Club

Where we are all bound to each other

Like rope from a boat tied to the dock

Tied securely because we know everything we own depends on it

Not letting go because we want to

We will keep striving for more

We know the more we accomplish in our life

The better other people can be

That makes us not only smart but proud

May the early morning dew

Set on your shoulders

Where a tiniest move

Is just the beginning of something so wonderful

We will take the rest of our lives

Trying in every possible way

To explain


DREAM ON (author) on April 29, 2021:

Ann Carr I seem to get myself into many different messes. Not on purpose but by accident. I think nothing of them but I am not the only one that counts. My wife takes a different view and she sees projects started and dreams in the making. Some things aren't that easy. They have to go from our mind to conception. Like a poem. It does nobody no good unless it is finished. Even if it is done if nobody sees it it missed its purpose. To be viewed and criticized and if we are very blessed loved. I keep trying to take my beautiful thoughts and spread them, Sometimes they are more up in the air for a while like a balloon and soon fall back down to the ground. Other people think that is the way life is. i think no it doesn't have to be that way. Sure enough, someone invented not me heluim. What a wonderful and amazing thing.In the middle of writing this comment I had to stop because our cat Charlotte wanted some attention. So she started clawing at a tennis rack case only to drag me away. I say don't do that and give her hugs and kisses. Now she comes up by my side and sits on the chair next to me. How great is that. I have a co-pilot to steer me into the wild wonderful blue skies. Right now it is pitch black but tomorrow we can only dream. Thank you so much for reading and sharing so many important views. I am so happy to read and respond. I have so many thoughts that get derailed. Then I have a lot more that make it to the big screen. That would be my computer screen and what I do is blow it 140% so I am larger than life. Then my wife sees it and says is that really neccesary. No but it is fun to dream. I love dreaming. Even if it is only in my own mind. I sometimes have to set it free. Have a beautiful and incredible day. Make more dreams happen. Make the world spin on its side and go round and round. Lovely, positive people make the world go round. The rest is just nonsense.

DREAM ON (author) on April 29, 2021:

John Hansen I will have to check it out. When I think I have seen it all I was wrong something else happens that surprises me even again. I was working out in my yard and I couldn't have been happier. We had a truckload of loam delivered and I was spreading around plants I have planted in the past. It started to rain but I was determined to get as much done as possible. Six yards and the pile looks small until you move it around and start digging. On the other end my wife who was inside the house knew I was outside and heard the rain thought the worst. I was going to get sick. Why? Because I was getting wet. I am a very healthy person and thank God I haven't been sick much at all. In the past thirty years, maybe a handful of times if that. So I don't know where this comes from. She was all upset when I came into the house. I said you knew where I was and what I was doing I don't get it. I think we view life differently which is o.k. I see good in everything. She sees good but also sees the bad. In the end, I explained I am fine and I love to work with dirt. When I am outside I drift in a whole another world. I do this when I write, create, and try to invent or when I am at work. Nothing else seems to matter. Just what I am doing at that very moment. I am so focused on finishing one project so I can start another. I explain to my wife and she says I understand. Until next time and we go through the whole thing all over again on some other issue. Maybe we are meant to be opposites to bring the best out in both and then cause a little friction so we can have a balance. I scratch my head in wonder??? Thank you so much for reading and sharing. Your comments keep me sane. I hope you are having the time of your life. If anything else if you are out in the rain check in with your wife so she doesn't get mad.(lol) Here is to more happy times and ways to work through the sudden bumps that turn our stomach for many unknown reasons.

Ann Carr from SW England on April 27, 2021:

Lovely optimistic poem! I particularly like 'Taking the small steps and watching them grow, Taking the big steps and still going toe to toe'. If we walk in time with someone, it helps and makes us happy. I like the upbeat nature of this and the tone of positivity. Great!


John Hansen from Gondwana Land on April 27, 2021:

Isn’t there a song called “Some Days Are Diamonds, Some Days Are Stone”? This poem reminded me a bit of that. We just have to rise above the lowest point in each day, and be confident things will improve. Nice writing, Dream On.

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