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I Am Doing It

Even Though I Had No Choice

When push comes to shove

I usually get out of the way

This time I had no choice

To move along and find a way

As each day passes

I get a little more confident

I am a living,breathing live sample

Before I was uncertain and afraid

Not to fool you

I am still concerned and hesitant

Each morning I make different choices

Then at the end of the day

I am more tired than usual

In some strange way

A little more satisfied than before

I can't put my finger on it just yet

Maybe my fear was distracted by so many other problems in the world

That made my problem

Just a little bit smaller

So much so it almost seems insignificant

I have been getting more sleep

Than I have in years

Work has slowed down

I can catch my breath

When it is busy

I am alone and work very good independently

I always knew

If you showed me what to do

Once I mastered it

You can leave me alone at anytime

I will be fine

I am a self motivator

Positive and overall friendly

Easy going and light hearted

High spirited and a real optimist

Through and through

As I uncover a little more of myself

I think it is only fitting

April Fools

I am not who I once was

I am what I have always been

In hiding waiting for the right moment

Little did I ever think

The moment would be now

So for all those other people

Who like to speculate and think

Sometimes action speaks louder than words

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