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I Am Dead


I am dead

Almost dead

That's what

I thought and felt that time

The pieces of my broken

dreams were hurting my eyes

The echoes of your broken promises

were disturbing my ears

When you left my world

my heart was shattered

The pain of rejection

was suffocating my breaths

I was unable

to keep my eyes open

I didn't find any reason to live

I closed my eyes

And I found that something

within me is not ready to give up

I saw the spark of hope

is still burning inside

I experienced

the flame of faith

in my soul

When I was about

to leave this world

suddenly I realized

about my unknown strengths

And I was enlightened

I decided to mend

my shattered heart

and decorate my eyes with

more beautiful dreams

Now I am ready to sing

melodious songs of

hope and life

with joy and zeal

and make this world

more beautiful

for I am alive.


© 2020 thoughtsprocess

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