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I Am Colorless


I am colorless

I am tasteless

I am transparent

just like water

If you touch me with love

I turn pink

If you pour few drops of sympathy

in my heart

I turn blue

If you meet me with gloomy thoughts

I turn the gloomy grey

When you look at me with any dilemma

you also find me confused

When you look at me with


you find me poisonous green

And when you look at me

with angry eyes

you find me deep red

When happy hearts peep

into my soul

they see sunshine yellow in me

The saintly pure souls dive into

my soul

Because they see the fountains

of the sacred saffron in me

I have no color

I am like a mirror

I just reflect your perspective

I just catch the reflection

of your thoughts

What you see inside me

is what you have within

What you feel while meeting me

is what you keep and feel within

And I don't keep anybody's reflection

I am always pure and crystal clear

Because I purify my soul with

divine splash of prayers.


© 2020 thoughtsprocess