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I Am All Yours

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Who Doesn't Enjoy A Good Love Poem

You have things to do

I get it

I give you space

I am in no rush

As you go on with your day

I am not seen or heard from

I am there all the same

All I have to do

Is close my eyes

I feel your passionate touch

Off in a distance

I can see your shadow

Nobody else knows who it is

I know it is you

When you eat

I know what you like

What you will never touch

Even if it was the last food on earth

You have your moods

You can go from happy to off the charts

With a touch of madness

Where your temper gets the best of you

Nobody is perfect

You have that blood that boils

A temper that has no control

I have tried to change your attitude

As stubborn and persistent as you are

You would never listen

Let alone change

It never stops me from trying

Because with that fire

I see a burning flame

One that has so much passion

Unexplored love

Waiting to be shared

You aren't about to give it away

Without good reason or a fight

You hold it sacred

So as much as I dial the slow combination

I know this will click all the right tumblers

You have surprised me again

By changing the combination

Other people will turn and leave

You can not push me away

I am here to stay

I can see far into the future

In a booth far back in the corner

We sit and talk

Where we spend long hours

Bringing up every old memory

That you have gripped so tight

Your left hand became achy

Not your right

Laughing and sharing those special times

Making you see

This is only the beginning of life

There is much more to follow

When beauty is everywhere

On T.V. and in every ad

You can search forever on the internet

I don't have to look any further

I have found a match

You don't find it in any playbook

It is something special

A one of a kind

The beginning of many firsts

Where you let your guard down

Let me in

Let me in

Not a chance

I will sit and wait

For each door that opens

I will race to see if it you

Disappointed not to see

It is only a matter of time

I know tomorrow will be different

The sun always surprises me with it's enormous heat

That reminds me of the day

You were hot and your hair was a mess

You complained and burst out in to tears

If could see inside of me

You would know what I know

A beautiful young girl trying so desperately to escape

As I held out my hand

You shook it off

As if I got this

From that day forward

I broke my heart in two

Half my heart filled with patience

The other half with love

The days that followed

I have always remained determined and strong

There will be a time

We are arm and arm

Your hand resting comfortably in my hand

The world we will travel

The places we will see

They will never hold up a candle

To your incredible love

The more I search for ways to sweep her off her feet

She has so much to do

I just missed her

As she walks away

In her deep dark brown eyes

I see the a rich honesty and thoughtfulness

A kindness that gives and gives

For each attempt I come closer

Only to be dragged away

Her heart is in the right place

She won't give in

As much as see

There is so much more to discover

When I see her lower lip quiver

I know I still have a chance

She constantly fights a heroic fight

So many battles have been lost

Things are never perfect

She will not stop until things are different

She knows perfection isn't possible

That doesn't stop her from trying

I know when her eyes are tired and her head starts to bob

I see her heavy eyelids close

Then when I think she is a sleep

She rushes to wake

Looking as if nothing has happened

I can hear a child's laugh

One that was so innocent and cute

I know that child was you

Loving life and loving people

That is what you do

So all the steps I keep climbing

You are worth the wait

There may be many people that are happy

Equally as many people that are sad

I want to be ecstatic

Not for a moment

For it is never good enough

For this lifetime and any that come after that

That is what we can discover together

It is not that hard to make

All we have to be is ourselves

Through and through

The love that we have always felt

Will be true and true

As people plan their day

I never know what mine will bring

For I will dance with the wolves

Play with their pups

I do know who I will be with

With her sweet and tender touch

When the day is long

There is no place else I'd rather be

© 2022 DREAM ON

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