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I Am A Fan

Left In A Corner

Years ago I was the center of attention

I had one job and everyone knew it

I was here to take your mind off the heat

Now I am outmatched by the a cooler fellow

i give people a quick fix

Until the air conditioners kick in

I use to come in all shapes and sizes

I was showing off all my goods

Proudly displayed in every room

Bring on those hot summer days

Metal was the way to go

I would work all day and then later on at night

I made so many people happy

Turn me on with just a flip of a switch

Years later I am all fancy and sleek

I come in many different speeds and colors

Part plastic, part metal

A push of a button

Someone even created a timer

For when I go on and when I can turn off

What will they think of next ?

I am lighter, faster and whisper quiet

My blades our curved in such a way

I deliver maximum air

They even made me smaller and more compact

Now you can put me on any desk

My ancestors wouldn't believe we have come this far

Some fans cost near one hundred dollars ?

Back in the day it was a weeks pay

We have come along way

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