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I Always Find It

Floating in a boat inside a cave
The lights glow through my handkerchief
The last of my tears were already gone
No longer full of mischief
I’d chosen to ride alone
Around the bend in the ride for which I’d paid
With the fears of the life I’d always known

I found a hideout full of laughter
I must have hidden it for just such a day
You never know what’s under a pile of rocks
Why can’t we keep our smiles always?
It’s times like these when deaths door knocks
I find myself saying it’s not really what I just heard
I will go about myself as it was only remembering clocks

But I’m not living alone am I?
It only seems that way when I choose
There are always stairs for me to stand at the top
Looking down I know I’ll never lose
The fight inside of me will never stop
I can take my mind anywhere it needs to be
And the words that filter out are love’s never-ending hues