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A silent protest against the recent increase in harassment, rape, murder, cruelty and injustice against women.


What seemed like a pile of flesh and meat
Was lying on the floor!
A small crowd had gathered now,
Most of whom seemed more curious than sorry,
As someone said, "she's no more".

Her wounds told a gruesome story!
She must've had a bad fight,
Probably with a pack of ferocious hounds!
Couldn't have been humans, noway!
'Cos in humans how can such cruelty be found?

"Where's she from", someone uttered.
"Whose unfortunate child is this?
Did she have a person to love?
Did she have children she wanted to hold and hug? She must've surely wished!"

She probably had a beautiful smile,
With those eyes she must've dreamt a thousand dreams,
She must've softly brushed her hair off her face....
Wait! Her face? It's hard to tell how she looked
It's all battered now it seems!

She must've suffered a lot of pain!
Must've pleaded and begged them to be kind,
But it's those hounds we are talking about,
And what would they know of kindness?
They were no humans! Oh no they can't be!
Cos' humans can't be this blind!

But did I hear they were fine young men?
That's shocking! how can that be?
When they engaged in such cruelty
Where did they leave their humanity?

Her voice would've been screaming for justice
If only she were alive!
But that's not possible, now that she's killed!
It's been hushed forever
So that those fine young men can thrive.

And hush all you people who have witnessed this!
Don't you say another word!
Hush! 'cos that pool of red is not your blood,
Who cares if she's no more!

Farah N Huq

© 2020 Farah N Huq


Farah N Huq (author) from Dhaka, Bangladesh on October 07, 2020:

I agree with you, dear Mitu. Unless justice is brought to such cases, repeatations are going to be there and we need to see an end to such incidents. Thank you for sharing your opinion.

Anupam Mitu from MUMBAI on October 07, 2020:

I'm sorry dear, I couldn't read the whole thing. It's gruesome and for sure these kind of inhumane creatures don't belong to the planet. They must be treated well so that no one dare to do the same.

Farah N Huq (author) from Dhaka, Bangladesh on October 06, 2020:

I totally agree with you, Lorna! "If men are allowed to believe that they are superior to women in any society, this will become a breeding ground for such heinous crimes." Absolutely true!

Thanks for your support and appreciation dear. Stay blessed always!

Lorna Lamon on October 06, 2020:

This is the stark reality of the depravity that has found its way into society. Your poem highlights the need to take a stand against such cruelty and make the punishment fit the crime.

Regardless of where this is happening in the world, I often ask myself don't these men have mothers, sisters or even wives, therefore, how can they inflict such suffering. If men are allowed to believe that they are superior to women in any society, this will become a breeding ground for such heinous crimes.

This line of your poem really spoke to me Farah - 'Where did they leave their humanity'. A powerful write, much needed in these sad and cruel circumstances. Take care and keep safe.

Farah N Huq (author) from Dhaka, Bangladesh on October 06, 2020:

Can't agree with you more, Sannyasi Raja! We do need to take a stand against such heinous crimes and criminals.

Farah N Huq (author) from Dhaka, Bangladesh on October 06, 2020:

"Crude" is surely the right word! Thank you , Ashiq, for your support and appreciation. Stay blessed.

Farah N Huq (author) from Dhaka, Bangladesh on October 06, 2020:

The cruelty against women, specially rape and harrassment, has suddenly surged in this part of the world and most of these criminals are getting away somehow or the other. One after another such horrendous crimes are being repeated. Yes, they surely deserve the worst kind of punishment. Thank you so much for your support and appreciation, John. Stay blessed!

Sannyasi Raja from Durgapur, West Bengal, India on October 06, 2020:

It's such a painful reality we are living in now.

They must be punished and more social awareness must be spread.

MD ASHIQUR Rahman on October 06, 2020:

Superb! It tears apart our inner self, which often experiences the crudest of realities,, yet silenced, and hushed!

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on October 05, 2020:

This poem describes shocking cruelty and depravity that has no place in society today. Even animals don’t show such cruelty, and in many instances humans, who have thinking minds and supposedly consciences, can be worse than animals. Being a doctor, I can only imagine the things Ike this you have witnessed. These “fine young men” need to be punished. Excellently written and expressed, Farah.

Farah N Huq (author) from Dhaka, Bangladesh on October 05, 2020:

Please feel free to leave your comments, opinion or questions below. I'll be more than happy to answer them.

With love,

Farah N Huq