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A silent protest against the recent increase in harassment, rape, murder, cruelty and injustice against women.


What seemed like a mass of rotting flesh

Was lying on the floor.

A small crowd had gathered there,

Most of whom seemed more curious than sorry,

As someone said, "she's no more".

Her wounds told a gruesome story,

She must've had a bad fight.

Probably with a pack of ferocious hounds!

Couldn't have been humans, no way!

'Cos humans can’t be this cruel, right?

"Where's she from", someone uttered.

"Whose unfortunate child is this?

Did she have a person to love?

Did she have children she wanted to caress?

She must've surely wished!”

She probably had a beautiful smile,

With those eyes, she must've dreamt a thousand dreams,

She must've had a pretty face,

But oh my! Her face! It's hard to tell how she looked

It's too badly battered it seems!

She must've suffered a lot of pain.

She must've pleaded and begged them to be kind,

But it's those hounds we are talking about,

And what would they know of kindness?

They were no humans! They couldn't have been!

'Cos humans can’t be this blind!

But did I hear they were fine young men?

That's shocking! How can that be?

When they engaged in such cruelty

Where did they leave their humanity?

Her voice would've been screaming for justice

If only she were alive!

But that's not possible, now that she's killed!

It's been hushed forever

So that those fine young men can thrive.

And hush all you people who have witnessed this!

Don't you say another word!


'Cos that pool in red is not your blood,

Who cares if she's no more!

Farah N Huq

© 2020 Farah N Huq

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