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The hunger games started out being just a novel for young adults around the globe. The Novels were written by SUZANNE COLLINS and each novel was converted to the big screen. The films have had great success

— Ryan Jarvis Cornelius

Hunger Games

As a punishment for past rebellion.
The conviction falls on the districts.
The capitol's to select two tributes.
But in one district one may not suit.
A little girl is chosen to fight to her death.
But her eldest sister is the one that steps.
Steps up and fights in her sister's place.
She and tribute are taken to the place.
As a participant, she must gain sponsors.
There is no limit to what they can give her.
She and the Tribute gain popularity.
She takes notice of past hero's training.
In a televised program she hears her friend talking.
Hears him confessing a love that's undying.
At first, she denies it will be for her.
Thinking it is an attempt to get a sponsor.
Thinking she may not be his type.
But finding out that she is just right.
KATNISS and her male friend PEETA.
She barely escapes death in her first game.
Seeing others die and only she remains.
She thinks it is best she's away from others.
But SENECA CRANE makes her lose her cover.
He triggers a forest fire.
In an attempt to drive her.
Instead, she runs away.
Her friend PEETA advised her to wait.
The next day she notices RUE.
A young, female tribute.
Hiding out just like her.
Experiencing adversity just like her.
Eventually, they become friends.
Katniss brings Careers to an end.
Katniss encounters Marvel.
Marvel attacks her but finds trouble.
Finds trouble when he hits Rue.
Katniss kills him and tends to rue.
Through her tending Rue dies.
Katniss historically cries.
Cries because she wasn't able to save.
Like she stood in the place.
Stood up for her little sister.
Despite it, they salute her.
They riot soon after it.
Snow sees her influence.
He then warns Crane.
Crane is forced to make a change.
Two allow two winners to provide.
That they are from the same side.
They announce to the remaining tributes.
That their needs will be provided soon.
Provided the next morning.
She's ambushed the next morning.
But a tribute helps her survive.
Crane unleashes wild beasts.
But in the end, he sees defeat.

Jennifer Lawrence
Josh Hutcherson
West Bentley
Seneca Crane

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

After winning her first Hunger Game.
KATNISS experiences a change.
She is now 17 years of age.
Young but well trained.
Well trained to fight on the field.
PRESIDENT SNOW sees that she is real.
So snow pays her a visit.
Wanting her involved with a mission.
He first explains that her actions.
But really wanted her separated.
Separated from PEETA.
He focused on convincing her.
That it was her Love for him.
That made her stay focused to win.
Snow knew of her victory tour.
He wanted them to end for sure.
He makes her promise that the two.
Will tell one another the truth.
As her tour begins.
Shes advised to not end.
To not end their relationship.
She took notice of it.
They got engaged.
Snow was outraged.
He threatens to kill their families.
Katniss takes the threat seriously.
Meanwhile, there's a new hunger game.
This time it will contain.
Contain tributes from previous ones.
Katniss makes sure that Peeta is done.
Done healing so they can get married.
But Peeta ends up taking.
Taking the place of a chosen tribute.
That tributes plan to attempt.
To attempt to stop the games.
While Peeta announces a change.
The audience of the Capitol Citizens.
Are continuously shouting.
Shouting for the games to stop.
But the games do not stop.
The arena forcefield shocks.
Shocks Peeta and it stops.
It stops his heart.
He revives and plays a huge part.
A huge part of FINNICK ODAIR.
Katniss aids the pair.
They struggle but win in the end.
Katniss finds that her family and friends.
They are all still alive.
But District 12 has died.

Jennifer Lawrence
Josh Hutcherson
Woody Harrelson

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1

After being saved from the arena.
KATNISS reunites with her mother.
She reunites with her sister.
They all help her recover.
She meets ALMA COIN.
Who informs her of the noise.
The noise that took place.
After she destroyed the place.
That noise was the riots.
Coin wanted her to Mock it.
He asked she become the Mocking Jay.
But Katiness says No way.
Coin angrily tells Katniss.
That all victors will be punished.
Katniss demands they all be pardoned.
He releases them but is reluctant.
A film team meets Katniss.
She is approached by a specialist.
That dresses as a stylist.
Her close friend GALE is her sidekick.
They visit a hospital.
A bomb hits the hospital.
Killing everyone inside.
Taking Katniss by surprise.
Immediately, she's enraged.
Before anything, she takes away.
Takes away two hovercrafts.
But about this, she doesn't laugh.
She gives a great speech.
Then goes into pursuit to defeat.
She suffers adversity.
But in the end, she has victory.

Jennifer Lawrence
Liam Hemsworth
Josh Hutchinson

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 2

Katniss recovers from the attack.
She still can't believe that her ex.
Has been brainwashed by Capitol.
ALMA COIN also sees she is valuable.
Too valuable to lose.
But she still goes to District two.
On a mountain named The Nut.
There's a bombing that causes much.
Much casualties. Many dies.
Only a few of them survived.
Katniss's shot by one of the survivors.
But the Mockingjay armor.
Allows her to survive.
After taking down the one that tried.
Tried taking her out.
Coin Later assigns her to go out.
To go out and follow the invasion.
She must provide video of the invasion.
Coin send PEETA to aid his ex.
Despite his current condition.
As they go deeper into their mission.
One of them gets fatally wounded.
Due to the casualties, they suffer.
They find a building to take shelter.
Two of their members are dead.
Katniss reveals that she was led.
Soon after they escape.
Before the Peacemakers destroy the place.
The capitol broadcasts that Katniss is dead.
While Snow speaks against the rebellion.
Coin rudely interrupts his speech.
She delivers a more heartfelt Eulogy.
The group goes into the sewers.
Avoiding the crew that's coming after.
They also avoid what is further.
But being attacked by mutant creatures.
They barely survive it.
Some died during the process.
The surviving members reach the top.
They take refuge in a local shop.
Snow knows their alive.
Citizens help him survive.
Katiness and Gale join them.
He has no clue it is them.
Gale is later captured.
Katniss attempts to keep going forward.
But she too is attacked.
Knocked out but she comes back.
The capitol has been conquered.
& president snow has been Captured.
Katniss confronts snow.
She finds that she did not want to know.
That Coin is behind it.
Using hovercraft to hide it.
Katiness reluctantly agrees.
She thinks of the promise and beliefs.
The promise they made to each other.
That incident resembles the one earlier.
Gale does not even deny it.
Katniss even becomes heartbroken.
She cuts ties. While Coin prepares.
Prepares herself to be throned there.
Katniss sees and finally let's go.
She kills Coin and saves Snow.

Jennifer Lawrence
Liam Hemsworth
Julliane Moore
Alma Coin

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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