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"Humility" the Quiet One


What does it mean to walk softly, with the humility, which goes before the honor,
How can I know honor without humility? Is that even possible or realistic?
Who humbles me? Is it God? I know who resists the proud,
God resisteth the proud, but, giveth grace to the humble. James 4:1.
The proud walk loudly and you hear pompous stomping,
Humility walks so softly that you can bearly hear a sound,
A great treasure is a humble spirit!
It leads to honor, not to be honored, to give honor to whom honor is due,

Who merits your honor?
Only you can answer that, do so in your own quiet time,
Trespasses are the result of not respecting boundaries,
Did you know that learning the meaning of respect,
Leads to the honor needed for all of life
Honor sets lines of demarcation that can not easily be crossed,
Humility knows that path very well. Who humbles you, you humble yourself,

The place where the soft-footed tread,
The quietness of the humbled heart at rest
What a valuable asset humility is!
What humbles you?
There are so many things which can pave that path, brokenness, pain, grief, struggle, and on and on, Does it matter what happened or transpires to humble you? No, what matters most is that you see the need to be humble,

What does it mean to be holy?
How can I know what holiness is, without a heart of repentance,
Is that ever possible or idealistic?
Humility is the leader towards holiness and repentance should precede all my prayers, thoughts, words, intents, motives, imaginations, and deeds,
It is an aspect of deductive reasoning,
Even reasoning has to take a bow and be humbled,
To answer this call, Come now, and let us reason together,
Saith the LORD:
Humility will quietly answer! Here am I.

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